So... what do postpartum doulas DO and why do you want one?

A postpartum doula nurtures mama, baby, and family in their home following the days after birth.  Services can include help with breastfeeding, sibling adjustment, resource referrals, recognizing the signs {and helping you decide which route to take} should you battle postpartum depression, and more.  We can hold your little one while you relax in a bath, or help with dinner so you can snuggle with your sweet baby.  We can help develop schedules to make those first weeks smoother, help you find the words to answer your toddler's questions about the newest family member, and even stay the night to help you adjust to your new little night owl.  

It's no longer the norm for several generations to live together under one roof {and sometimes not even in the same town}, so new parents often times come home to much less support than their ancestors had waiting.  Whether it's your first or fifth, a postpartum doula can help ease the transition of bringing in a new little one. 
Postpartum doulas are armed with a seemingly endless list of resources for you to pull from.  If you're facing a special issue, there's a good chance your doula will know a professional who'd love to help.
You can choose how soon, how often and for how long your postpartum doula helps, and you can choose exactly what services you'd like her to include.

My own journey as a postpartum doula began about 10 years ago, as an uncertified person who had the time and passion to help.  In 2010, after the birth of my own child, I decided it was time to become certified and am now working on certification through DONA.  I hope to be adding my name to the list of Wisconsin's certified, professional doulas ready to assist and support families during the 4th trimester.  Wisconsin does has several well qualified, certified, and wonderful doulas already.  Scroll down and check the right side of the blog to find one in your area - and keep checking - I'll be adding more to the list often.