Why Infant Massage?

What can infant massage do for your baby physically, mentally and emotionally?

{Deepens Bonding & Improves Communication}
{Helps Relieve Gas, Colic & Constipation}
{Enhances Nervous System Development}
{Proven to Help Pre-term Infants Thrive}                   
{Improves Blood Circulation}
{Reduces Stress Hormones}
{Improves Immune Function}
{Helps Baby Sleep Better}
{Aids in Digestion}

The physical benefits of infant massage are undeniable, and yet infinitely more important is the dance of bonding that occurs when a mother begins to recognize and respond to the cues her little one is sending.  Such a sacred time in your life, this giving of yourself, this passing on of who you are to another.  Embrace this season as an opportunity to invest in your family.

So much more than a series of strokes, infant massage is a powerful tool in building conscious, respectful, and responsive parenting.  Take time to connect.  Ten minutes a day can change your infant’s world... and maybe even yours.

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